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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Full-service medical billing and patient account management

Let Physicians' Network Billing Service, Inc. take the worry out of the billing process. We offer complete A/R management services from the time the patient first walks into your office, to the time their statement is received. Our staff will analyze your billing procedures, data, and paperwork, and custom design a solution for your practice that best suits your needs.

Electronic billing system and claims submission

Take control of your cash flow by submitting claims electronically to every payer capable of receiving them. Electronic data interchange increases payment rates and reduces A/R times. In addition to our billing services, Physicians' Network Billing Service, Inc. also offers comprehensive collections services. We'll monitor patient accounts and identify those who fail to make regular and adequate payments. PNBS will take steps to contact delinquent account holders through phone calls, and collection letters. If all else fails, Physicians' Network Billing Service, Inc. will provide outside collection agencies with all information necessary to clear that debt. As an Physicians' Network Billing Service, Inc. client, you'll receive regular production reports that include the count, total charges, total payments, and total adjustments for each procedure billed during the month. We'll also provide a summary of each month's accounts receivable. If you require more information, Physicians' Network Billing Service will work to develop customized reports to fit your practice's unique needs.

Procedure and diagnosis coding

Our coding professionals are proficient in industry-standard Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Disease, volume 9 (ICD-9), and the CMS rules that govern them. The rules and regulations in the healthcare industry are always changing. That means you need a dynamic medical billing service that can evolve with you and your practice. Since 1991, Physicians' Network Billing Service, Inc. has put together a proven track record of alleviating medical practices of the burden associated with medical billing while maximizing their returns in the process.
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