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Medical Billing Expertise

Medical Billing Expertise

It takes a leap of faith to outsource the billing function. Few decisions carry such direct implications for a practices bottom line. Given the delicacy and importance of the billing role, its important to find a trusted provider. The following key points indicate Physicians’ Network Billing Service is the right choice for your medical billing needs.

Medical billing services boast stunning results–but can they deliver? Physicians’ Network Billing Service can. To identify real expertise from marketing hype, medical practitioners need to dig deeper than performance track record metrics. The following criteria can help vet third-party medical billing candidates:

1. Employee Resources

The number and expertise of employees assigned to the account is the best predictor of success. Healthcare consultant Janet Marcus advises practitioners to find out the following information about the billing services human resources commitment:

  • How many employees will support the account?
  • How many years experience do they have? Physicians Network Billing Service has over 45 years of combined medical billing experience.
  • Are they experienced in the practices specialty? Many agents are trained to collect a specific type of claim, such as radiology, radiation treatment, chiropractic care, and vision care. Physicians’ Network Billing Service is well versed with ALL specialties.

2. Regulatory Compliance

The responsibility for legal compliance resides with the medical practitioner, whether or not they outsource collections to a medical billing service. Practice management journal Physicians Practice sounds a note of caution: “Billing services have been known to change codes to boost collections. Remember that if you do outsource billing, you are still responsible for regulatory compliance.”

To vet a service providers trustworthiness, ask to see the list of compliance policies and procedures their staff uses. Marcus recommends asking the billing service to detail “how [it] informs staff of current state and federal rules, regulations, and guidelines” and whether the organization has ever experienced a claims review or compliance charge. Physicians’ Network Billing Service prides itself on its integrity and all of our clients trust us to handle their medical billing needs.

3. Customer Service Standards

When dealing directly with patients, the medical billing service is the face of the practice. Its important for the practitioner to make sure customer service standards comport with the image the practice is trying to maintain. A well-run billing service will have customer service guidelines for staff to follow when dealing with the public–practitioners should ask to review them.

4. Performance and Accountability Metrics

Ceding responsibility for billing to a third party calls for comprehensive performance metrics. Janet Marcus recommends asking the billing service to detail its standard performance benchmarks. Does the organization conduct quality reviews of employee performance? How does the service measure employee productivity?

Physicians’ Network Billing Service maintains its accountability by presenting regular updates on performance and progress. Monthly reports are standard practice; review a sample monthly report to ensure detailed and meaningful metrics.

Physicians’ Network Billing Service is ready to prove it is the right medical billing service can boost collections and save a practice the administrative headache of submitting claims. Contact us today at 800-955-6417.

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